GOP to blame for referendum defeat

Dear Editor,

If you want to know why schools are resorting to referendums, drive on Wisconsin roads.

Both require taxes for maintenance. Our Republican-controlled legislature opposes taxes, yet voters return anti-tax Republicans to office as they complain their children are being cheated in poorly equipped schools.

And they probably are, but cheating began when parents/voters support an anti-tax governor who vowed to establish a dual school system — public and religious — tax-financed with $1 billion going from public to private, and $250 million deleted from the UW system and given to the Bucks.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Supreme Court deliberates if our Constitution permits tax-financed parochial playground improvements. The newest conservative judge argues taxpayers cover fire and police services for all institutions within city boundaries, thus "precedent has been set."

Fire and police are emergency services. Playground repair is not. If religious schools burn, will taxpayers be indentured to rebuild since "precedent has been set?"

Legislators propose limiting referendums, which they said they would not do when initially setting local government revenue restrictions. Legislators threaten withholding funds to districts seeking future referendums.

Eighty percent of Falls residents no longer have children in public schools, forgetting their children's education was subsidized by others. Educating its young is a community's responsibility if our nation is to remain stable and prosperous. Payroll taxes supporting Social Security and Medicare, which the "school-less" depend on at age 65, stem from qualified workers.

Referendums have become bailouts in a time of local school financial crises, caused by uninformed voters favoring anti-education, anti-tax candidates with severe consequences as the failure of two Menomonee Falls school referendums has proven.

Registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans in Wisconsin, a gerrymandered state guaranteeing GOP domination. I voted "No" both times, not because I oppose a temporary tax increase or needed improvements. Instead, I oppose voters dedicated to a tax-resistant GOP, then whining about no money for public education and demanding bailouts in the name of their children.

Amenities of civilized society — schools, roads, libraries, police, fire, public parks, health care — are beneficiaries of government-imposed tax, i.e. the price of civilization.

Sandra M. Seymour

Menomonee Falls

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