Opposed to Falls referendum

To the editor,

Let me explain why I am voting against Menomonee Falls’ latest school referendum in April.

In recent years, Wisconsin voters consistently chose anti-education candidates – governor, legislature, president – slashing funding for public education to benefit religious schools popularly called voucher or charter (with some exceptions) as well as a privately owned basketball team, the latter benefitting by $250 million.

Reduced curriculum selections at middle and high school levels, increased class size, limited sports/arts/music options are the “shock and awe” necessary to persuade parents/grandparents that decisions to indeed have consequences in state where minority voters are more successful in electing their candidates, because of Republican-engineered, gerrymandered districts. The cost to date? $2.1 million.

That figure will only rise as the state attorney general challenges a district court three-judge panel ruling gerrymandering unconstitutional.

Is it any wonder no money is available to finance public schools (and roads)? Limited public funds to subsidize private business, desire for reduced property taxes, anti-education politicians. The people have spoken.

Yes, a three-year temporary increase is not wallet-shattering; however, a bailout because of voting patterns is mind-shattering.

Sandra Seymour

Menomonee Falls

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