Clean house at WisDOT, not more funding

To the editor,

Reading Senator Jon Erpenbach's guest column, I have to wonder if there is something he is not telling us. The Legislative Audit Bureau found the Department of Transportation has underestimated the cost of 16 projects by $3.1 billion dollars. That number is double the original estimates. Grade school math says if the bureaucrats at DOT had actually done their job, there would not be a nearly $1 billion shortfall in the state transportation fund. There would be a budget surplus. It is a mystery that anyone could know this and decide DOT needed more money.

Asking a DOT engineer about the five roundabouts at Cabela's in Richfield, she said, “we look at every available option before we decide to put in roundabouts.”

Is it any wonder the state DOT would oppose a bill that would require local communities to approve installation of roundabouts?

Obviously, the WisDOT is rotten to the core. Now is the right time to clean house. The alternative is to believe Erpenbach's conclusion that the reasons roads are so bad is a “Complete lack of adequate funding.”

Odd. In 2014, the senator was opposed to increasing funding. I wonder what changed his mind?

Bill Meyers


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