Believes referendum is unnecessary

To the editor,

The latest Menomonee Falls School District referendum is just as unnecessary as the operational referendum defeated only a year ago. Menomonee Falls does not have a revenue problem and does not need more money.

The school district’s revenue per pupil is among the highest in the state for a district its size. Compared to neighboring Hamilton and Germantown for example, MFSD has almost $2,000 more revenue per pupil – that works out to $40,000 more revenue (or 15 percent) per classroom. That's an advantage, not a problem.

One item of proof the district doesn't need revenue is the supposed consequence of losing neighborhood schools if the referendum doesn't pass. The exact same threat was made last year, unconditionally. The referendum failed. Yet not one change to neighborhood schools was needed. District claims of a revenue crisis are not credible.

The referendum is an insult to taxpayers who have so generously supported the school district; through high property taxes and more than $71 million in previous facilities referendums, including $33 million last year.

Just say no; again.

Andy Mohrfeld

Menomonee Falls

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