Thankful for time on Lisbon board

To the editor,

There are times in our lives that we pause to reflect on the days gone by and on all the people that have contributed to our lives.  That is what I am doing now.  Four years ago, after seeking much counsel, I set out on a journey and I began walking through our town. During those wintery months and the 145 hours of walking that ensued, I visited every home in Lisbon and offered my services as your representative on the Lisbon Town Board.  We had some wonderful conversations, and I was always excited to see who I would meet on the other side of each home’s door.  I was an inexperienced 24 year-old woman, unsure of what lay before me, but willing to serve.  And when Election Day came, I was overwhelmed to hear that you chose me to represent you.  It has been a privilege and an honor to serve you in this capacity.  I have taken this position as your representative very seriously. During these past four years, I have taken to heart your concerns and have sought to do what was best for Lisbon.  I have not been perfect, but with God’s help, I have done my best.

Now four years later, after much prayer, I have decided not to run for re-election to the town board in April.  It is a bittersweet moment.  Serving this amazing community alongside the other committed individuals on the town board has been such an awesome privilege.  I have learned so much during this time.  I have learned from you, the citizens of Lisbon.  I have learned so much from the other board members, committee members and town staff who do a fantastic job day after day with so little recognition.  Getting to know so many of you and seeing all the effort that goes on “behind the scenes” to keep this community running smoothly has been an eye-opening experience and an opportunity that I will always be thankful for.

My time here on the Lisbon board is coming to a close.  Soon one of you will be chosen to sit in my place.  I am praying for you and for God’s blessing on the wonderful community that I am proud to call home – Lisbon.

Hannah Heinritz

Supervisor #2, town of Lisbon

Upset with doggy droppings

To the editor,

To the one who uses plastic bags to pick up after their dog in Hidden Oaks, Centennial Oaks and Stonefield Estates, then leaves the filled bags along the road: Shame on you.

Scott and Candi Brueggemann

Town of Lisbon

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