Town of Lisbon — While Marc R. Moonen, 31, isn't a native to Lisbon, he grew up in the Town of Raymond in Racine County, a community he said has the same feel and size as the town does.

Growing up, Moonen said he dreamed of serving on a town board.

This campaign is the first he's ever pursued. Moonen will run unopposed for the Supervisor No. 2 seat that Hannah Heinritz is vacating during the spring election on Tuesday, April 4.

Moonen moved from the city of Waukesha to the town of Lisbon in 2015 after he got married.

"I saw the opportunity that the town needed qualified candidates to run, and it would fulfill my personal goal," Moonen said. "I’ve been interested in the political side of public service.”

Heinritz, who is finishing out her term on the board, campaigned by walking to every home in Lisbon to speak with the residents, but Moonen has a different approach for his campaign.

"For now, it’s been word-of-mouth and talking to neighbors in the town of Lisbon, and talking to business owners and spreading it that way," Moonen said. "I plan to do emailing and yard signs, if necessary.”

For the past eight years, Moonen has worked for the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department; he's in his second year as a lieutenant. He said he will use his knowledge in law enforcement on the board.

"In my current position, I do budgetary work and that would help being qualified for the board in providing more of an understanding of government than the average citizen," Moonen said.

Some of the issues most important to him include maintaining library access for citizens and trustworthy public safety.

“The goals I have would be to make sure the town remains fiscally responsible; obviously maintaining statutory requirements while keeping the residents' needs in mind," Moonen said. "Some things I would also look for are safe and quality roads and continuing with a dependable fire service."

Ensuring the town maintains its open spaces and rural character also top Moonen's list.

"I want to maintain the mill rate; it’s lower in comparison to similarly situated communities," Moonen said.  "I’ll also look to see if there’s any opportunities for co-oping services; that will give the town experience while incurring part-time expenses. I know one of the things going forward would be a town planner. I think that could be a possibility going forward as the town grows. There are portions of the town that would allow for zoning that allows for modest growth, but also keeps the harmony of Lisbon’s rural setting.” 

While Moonen is running unopposed for the upcoming election, he said he plans on running a quality campaign.

“There’s always the possibility for someone to write in a campaign against me, but either way I’m looking forward to going on with the campaign and serving the citizens of Lisbon," Moonen said.

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