Town of Lisbon - Willow Springs Mobile Home Park residents don't need to worry about a threat made by Lannon Village President David Nagler that the village will cut off sewer service to Willow Springs, according to Town Administrator Matt Janecke.

That's because there are no teeth behind the threat, since the action would violate state law, Janecke said.

Janecke noted that abandoning a public utility or discontinuing service requires authorization of the state Public Service Commission -- and even then, only after a public hearing.

Janecke's reassurance to town residents came in response to a statement Nagler made to Lake Country Publications, in frustration that an agreement has not yet been reached by Lisbon, Lannon and Sussex, which have shared the Lannon sewer interceptor since the 1990s. An agreement among the three expired in 2010, and the communities have been operating without a formal agreement since then.

“We’re about ready to give them (Lisbon) an ultimatum," Nagler said. "Sign this in 90 days, or we’re going to cap that interceptor, and then Willow Springs (part of Lisbon Sanitary District 1) is going to be on their own.”

Janecke said the town and sanitary district hope to reach an agreement about the interceptor soon.

"Both the town and sanitary district have provided reasonable proposals and suggestions which need to be incorporated into a new contract, and it is our hope and expectation that a new contract will be approved by all municipalities in the very near future.

Residents of Willow Springs Mobile Home Park and any town of Lisbon resident in a sewer district area need not worry; sanitary sewer conveyance will continue to be provided by Lisbon Sanitary District No.1 as usual, for the foreseeable future," Janecke said.

Nagler declined to comment on the issue.

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