Creamery will become a banquet hall for Bistro Z


Village of Sussex - Wisconsin's first nitrogen ice cream parlor, Mad Science Creamery, will close its current location in Sussex on Aug. 28.

According to owner Craig Pruscha, the decision was made to "favor the bigger bird in the nest," Bistro Z, the adjacent fine dining establishment.

Pruscha said demand for a banquet room at Bistro Z has been high since the opening day of the restaurant, and now he is in desperate need of one.

“We’re getting calls every day, so we just had to make a decision,” Pruscha said. “We could only go in one direction and that was towards Mad Science Creamery. In that process, we had to make some decisions about whether we wanted to relocate it right here on the corner, but that would entail building a whole new kitchen, and incurring $100,000.”

Pruscha said the Creamery is far from dead – his team is doing feasibility studies in six to seven southeastern Wisconsin communities.

“We do want to franchise, as well, so we’re going to open more locations,” Pruscha said. “Out of the gate, we’re leaning towards Oak Creek. It’s a really hot area right now.”

Even though major development has happened in the same area where Mad Science is located, namely Meijer, Pruscha said it did not help draw in business.

“Meijer’s did nothing for us,” Pruscha said. “We didn’t see any upticks from the Meijer’s across the street for whatever reason. We’re having a hard time getting people in quantities. We decided rather than to invest right here, we would invest in a community that has more foot traffic.”

Despite the Creamery’s closing, Pruscha said Bistro Z and his overall investment in Sussex is here to stay.

“Our investment here in Sussex is real,” Pruscha said. “We did that with Bistro Z and we’re not going anywhere. I’ve got hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in our kitchen. The bigger business model is the restaurant and that is what we want to sustain. We love Sussex for that location, and we’re doing fine there.”

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