UPDATED: Aug. 26

Village of Lannon - Lannon is tired of waiting for the town of Lisbon.

Officials in Lannon and Lisbon remain at a stalemate over a sewage agreement.

“We’re about ready to give them (Lisbon) an ultimatum,” said Lannon Village Board President David Nagler. "Sign this in 90 days, or we’re going to cap that interceptor and then Willow Springs (part of Lisbon Sanitary District 1) is going to be on their own.”

The villages of Lannon, Sussex, Menomonee Falls and the Lisbon Sanitary District 1 have shared the Lannon sewage interceptor since the mid '90s.

Through the interceptor, sanitary waste for these communities is transported to the treatment plant in Sussex. The interceptor agreement ran out in 2010, so the communities have been operating without a formal agreement since then.

As a result, for the past two years the communities have been meeting to reach a new agreement.

After going through six drafts, Nagler said the communities were finally ready to sign, but there was a hangup: The town of Lisbon’s attorneys were not satisfied with the wording.

Nagler said the town of Lisbon went through changes in engineers, so the agreement “fell into a black hole” on their end.

“They just keep stalling and I’m getting really tired of this,” Nagler said. “Basically, it comes down to poor leadership in the town of Lisbon."

Town of Lisbon Village Administrator Matt Janecke said because of the limitations being a town, Lisbon is not able to have its own sanitary utilities, so the Lisbon Sanitary District was created.

Janecke said the sanitary district does not report to the town board, but rather, has its own board that it operates beneath.

“It’s not apart of the town makeup, per se,” Janecke said. “It’s kind of a weird relationship. So really we’re waiting on the sanitary district to go ahead and pass it. We’re not going to pass it as a board before they do. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Nagler said he was frustrated the town of Lisbon is holding up the agreement when it has the least amount of sewage flow out of the combined communities.

“We’re ready to sign it and put it into place and it’s not right,” Nagler said. “We have an issue here of the tail trying to wag the dog. “

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