Village of Sussex - The Sussex Village Hall is set to be demolished.

The Sussex Village Board made the final decision during its Tuesday, Aug. 9, board meeting.

The village gave interested buyers one year to come forward with a plan or inquiry, but no one did, according to Trustee Pat Tetzlaff.

The one-year deadline expired at the end of July.

Tetzlaff said discussion on the choice to tear the hall down was lengthy, and “a very touchy subject for a lot of people.”

The decision to tear down the Hall was based on its functionality, Tetzlaff said.

“It’s a building without any insulation, so our ladies that work in the office in the wintertime need a space heater, and a quilt. They have gloves with their fingers cut out so they can still type, so it was poorly built,” Tetzlaff said. “It’s more than 80 years old, not that that’s old if it was in good shape. It would have cost us so much to bring it up to code, and it still wouldn’t have been right, so it had to go, but it’s very controversial and very painful for many people.”

A move is scheduled for the end of October to vacate the staff from the building.

“We did decide that as soon as the building is vacant, it will be torn down,” Tetzlaff said. “There may be a possibility that we can save a few of the bricks for people that might want to have one.”

Before it was decided that Sussex Area Outreach Services would move into the new Civic Center in October, there was talk that SOS might be able to move into the space, thus saving the building from demolition.

“They (SOS) would run into the same problem,” Tetzlaff said. “They wouldn’t be able to cool it or heat it, so it would be terrible to sell it to them even for a dollar and know the conditions they would be working in. We could not do that in good conscience.”

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