100 years ago – 1917

John R. Small, a great Lisbon politician, died at the age of 60 in 1917, and was buried at St. Alban’s. He was a member of the Lisbon political combine of the “Big Four.”

There was a whole host of farms for sale in Lisbon as spring came. One ad read "12 miles from Milwaukee on Lisbon Road, to be sold to settle estate."

Sam Siewert of Colgate and Lisbon was advertising "set of 15 Rhode Island red eggs" for 50 cents. All you needed was a brooding hen to hatch them.

50 years ago – 1967

Camp Pow Wow at the Lannon Menomonee Park would be held from July 10-Aug. 11.

The governor of Wisconsin was Warren P. Knowles.

A problem in Lisbon was free-roaming dogs of “the big type.”

The constable in Lisbon was John Denzin.

25 years ago – 1992

Sussex Hamilton's softball team was the six-time league champ in the Braveland. The leading pitcher for Hamilton was Stacy Kaminski.

Sussex Plastics, an up-and-coming Sussex business, was installing three or four 30-foot high silos for its plastic raw material.

The town of Lisbon celebrated its 150th anniversary by giving out "art" copies of a 1857 plat map of Lisbon. (Today the estimated value of these maps is more than $100 each.)

10 years ago – 2007

The proposed changes for the Sportsplex on Silver Spring Drive by Templeton Middle School ($10 million, 13,000 square feet) included a request for a liquor license from Sussex.

The Waukesha Sheriff's Department was making a play to take over the troubled Lisbon problem. This was the first big deal for newly elected Lisbon chairman Mike Reed.

The Sussex Leos at Hamilton High School had a road pickup of garbage on Town Line Road.

5 years ago – 2012

A new scoreboard, complete with video, was coming to the Hamilton football field (Stan Grove Field). The first of its kind in the state, the estimated cost of the large scoreboard was $85,000. Nearly half of the money was already raised. Donors were being sought by the Hamilton Athletic Booster Club.

Lisbon would have a consolidation advisory vote on the question of “Should Lisbon consolidate with Sussex?”

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