100 years ago – 1917

There was hardly enough space on the gravestone on April 1, 1917, when Bernhardine Bodendoenfer was buried that day.

Charles Malsch finished off a six-year stint in April 1917 as the elected Lisbon town chairman. He was a furniture store owner in Sussex and lived on Main Street in Sussex.

50 years ago – 1967

In Sussex, the incumbent president was Roy Stier who, for more than 30 years, had been a trustee. In the upcoming election, Stier was opposed by Roy Evert. Meanwhile, the trustees were Ray Semrow, Ken Hottenroth, Lester Paddock, while running for trustee positions were Semrow, Hottenroth, Paddock, Norm Scwerm, Joe Weber, Ralph Speigel and Norm Waldhouser.

25 years ago – 1992

Fish fries at both Finlay on Main and at Dilly's were both advertised at $5.95 and Dilly's gave out a "complimentary beer” with it.

Gabe Kolesari and Sal Maglio were both running for the Hamilton School Board.

Dan Hanrahan, Lisbon gentleman farmer, was 98 years old.

Don Holt was the chairman of the town of Lisbon.

Jim Kern of Sussex had a booth at the Milwaukee Antique Bottle show at Brookfield Square, but admitted he bought more than he sold.

10 years ago – 2007

There was much opposition for the condo development that was proposed for the northeast corner Lake Five Road and Highway VV.

An Easter egg hunt for blind and visually impaired children was held by the Sussex Lioness Club at the Sussex Village Park.

Newly elected Village Chairman Tony Lapcinski was putting the breaks on the sale of village-owned Main Street property, as there had been a huge drop in real estate values because of the recession.

5 years ago – 2012

A Lisbon woman and a Milwaukee man were charged in an attempted robbery of Sussex Associated Bank. The 28- and 31-year-old bank robbers were captured.

The Milwaukee Magazine, in a rating study, placed both the Sussex Hamilton High School and the district as a member of the top seven in greater Milwaukee.

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