SUSSEX - The Hamilton School District would like members of the community to nominate alumni who are living by example for its 2017 Distinguished Alumnus Award.

Nominations must be submitted through the district's website at www.hamilton.k12.wi.us ,on the Hamilton High School alumni page or delivered to Principal Candis Mongan at the high school by Monday, April 24.

As part of the nomination, the district asks that the nominee's name, address and phone number are submitted, along with a 75-word maximum description of why the nominee is worthy of the honor.

Hamilton High School faculty members will review all nominations and recommend the finalist, who will be presented the award at the Saturday, June 10, high school graduation ceremony.

Recipients of the honor date back to 1989 when John D. Curtis, class of 1965, first received the award.

Last year's honoree was Butler native and 1995 graduate Autumn Howell Kruse, a leader of the U.S. labor and employment legal team for Procter and Gamble.

Kruse's passion and commitment to the community were key reasons she received the distinction.

Prior to the district's honor, she was also awarded the Global Legal Compass Award in 2014, a global nomination sponsored by P&G. Kruse received the award for her work in conjunction with the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity.

Despite her career achievements, she said her life outside of work is her greatest accomplishment.

"I work really hard, and I work a lot of hours, but my family is my priority," Kruse said. "I am proud of keeping that focus. I try to stay very clear that my job is only what I do, not who I am."

For more information on Hamilton's Distinguished Alumnus Award, call Mongan at (262) 246-6471, ext. 1104.

Hamilton Distinguished Alumnus Award Recipients

1989 — John D. Curtis, Class of 1965

1990 — Thomas G. Halloran, Class of 1967

1991 — Lynn Dlobik, Class of 1967

1992 — Barbara Hart Key, Class of 1975

1993 — Marjorie Hartman Cull, Class of 1966

1994 — Harry M. Brammer III, Class of 1971

1995 — Sherri Ellefson, Class of 1986

1996 — Mark Schlei, Class of 1976

1997 — Michele Miller, Class of 1976

1998 — Carl Wegner, Class of 1967

1999 — James E. Owen, Class of 1969

2000 — Pamela Nettesheim (Gieg), Class of 1979

2001 — Ned Nagy, Class of 1974

2002 — Alex Sommers, Class of 1991

2003 — Colin (Corky) Curtis, Class of 1975

2004 — Richard Haasch, Ph.D., Class of 1978

2005 — Scott Miller, Class of 1978

2006 — Jeremy Heidel, Class of 1995

2007 — Ellen Hardy, Class of 1974

2008 — Kim Harter, Class of 1965

2009 — Daniel Lehmann, Class of 1979

2010 — Michael Berger, Class of 1996

2011 — Scott Pietila, Class of 1986

2012 — David Duchrow, Class of 1975

2013 — Dustin Feider, Class of 2001

2014 — Keith Trafton, Class of 1986

2015 — Joseph Semrad, Class of 2004

2016 — Autumn Howell Kruse, Class of 1995

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