100 years ago – 1917

On April 6, 1917, after the provocation of unrestricted submarine warfare by German submarines, and the secret negotiations with Mexico to come in against the United States (reward to regain Texas, New Mexico and Arizona), President Wilson had enough and called for war against Germany. Meanwhile, Germany had lost the propaganda war. Woodrow Wilson was going to make America and the world “safe for democracy.” Six senators and 50 representatives voted against the war declaration, including Wisconsin Sen. Robert La Follette.

50 years ago – 1967

The town of Lisbon board, as the yearly election came up, was made up of CLI President Art Manke, Trestees Theodore Siewert and Harry Dopke (all local farmers).

The big Lisbon problem had been the breakup of the community roads, because of harsh weather conditions. A perceived problem was the appointed Lisbon Road Superintendent, a village of Sussex resident. There was an action that they wanted a "home resident.”

25 years ago – 1992

Running for two positions on the Lisbon Town Board (supervisors) were Daniel Meissner, Charlie Goetz, Charles Schuldt and Jane Stadler.

The first Lannon woman trustee, Nancy Sullivan, was running for re-election.

The library (Pauline Haass) was led by director Joy Botts, and was housed in the former Orchard Drive School.

Thirty-five teams were already signed up for the Sussex five-nights-a-week softball leagues. An additional five more signed up later.

10 years ago – 2007

Ron Evert had resigned from his Lisbon supervising position. Evert acknowledged that he was granted immunity from prosecution.

Lisbon had accepted a $1.47 million bid to build its new firehouse near Richmond School.

A Starbucks Coffee store had opened in Sussex, adjacent to the intersection of Main Street and Highway 164.

5 years ago – 2012

There was a study of Sussex's Main Street, and three roundabouts might be put in. There was also a study to move the Silver Spring Drive intersection further east.

Sussex was named the "Best Place to Raise Kids" by Bloomberg Business Week.

Hamilton School Board member Lynn Kritensen was accused of signing her name to a governor recall petition (Scott Walker) and deliberately disguising her signature.

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