SUSSEX - Even though former Sussex Fire Chief Colin "Corky" Curtis retired in June after 41 years of fire service, he’s far from done with his work for the village.

Curtis announced he would run a write-in campaign for the Sussex Village Board earlier this month after members of the community asked him to do so.

“I’m campaigning because I feel it’s my civic duty to work with the village,” Curtis said. “I’ve enjoyed working with the village my entire life. I was born and raised here, and so I thought I would continue to try and serve while I still have time.”

Curtis acknowledged it’s late in the election season to campaign, but he’s giving it all he has.

“I’ve got a lot of work to do, but I’ve had a lot of people since last June who have asked me to run,” Curtis said. “I wanted to give a little space in between getting off the fire department and running, but I had enough people contact me and ask me to run, so I thought I would take advantage of that.”

The issues most important to him as a prospective trustee, he said, will come straight from the community.

“This issues aren’t important to me as much as they are important to people I would be representing; I need to hear what people have to say and take that back to the village board or to the community and those are the issues I would be voting for,” Curtis said. “I don’t like to think about it as issues that I would like; I need to look at what is right for the community and what the people want.”

Curtis alluded to the need for controlled growth within Sussex as one of the key issues in the community.

“I think I’m an open communicator and the biggest thing is I know so many people in the village that I need to hear what they have to say and what they feel we need for growth and how the village is going to expand,” Curtis said. “Growth is important, but it has to be controlled.”

As for campaigning methods, Curtis said he’s taken to social media to spread the word, but he's also utilizing traditional methods.

“It’s very difficult to run as a write-in candidate and that I know; however, I’m going to give it 100 percent over the next week and that’s all I can do,” Curtis said. “I’ve been using social media as much as I can and get the word out. I will be going door-to-door and anybody that wants to get ahold of me, they’re more than welcome to call me with any issue any time with any questions they have of me. I’m more than happy to talk to people.”

Curtis encourages members of the community to contact him via email, sfd2901@gmail.com, any time for discussion on his campaign and the community.

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