SUSSEX — Sean Hatch, 33, is accused of drunk driving and causing injury in two separate car accidents, including with his ex-girlfriend, among other charges after he allegedly began day drinking around 11 a.m. on March 15.

According to the criminal complaint, it all began when Hatch approached a house on Lindsey Road in the city of Pewaukee with a loaded rifle, where he claimed he was looking to buy mulch and shoot behind the homeowner's property. After the homeowner asked Hatch to drop his weapon, he fled the scene in his black Ford Fusion.

Soon after, the complaint states, Hatch drove to the village of Pewaukee, where he knew his ex-girlfriend would be on her way to pick her son up from school.

Hatch saw her vehicle, a white Nissan, and attempted to pass another vehicle behind her quickly, according to the complaint. In an interview with police, Hatch stated he reached 50-55 mph while trying to pass traffic and he believed he struck a vehicle, causing it to go off the road.

The complaint states he continued to pursue his ex-girlfriend and attempted to pull up next to her; on his third attempt, he struck her vehicle and sent her into a tree and then a telephone pole on Wisconsin Avenue.

Both crash victims received medical attention; his ex-girlfriend was taken by ambulance to an area hospital, where she was conscious, but unable to talk initially, and the victim of the first crash suffered from head and neck pain.

In an interview with police, Hatch said he was confused about the day and time, thinking it was Tuesday, March 11, and thought it was at 10 p.m. He stated that he drank approximately four, Four Loko malt drinks and was involved in a crash. Hatch indicated that he was in an on again – off again relationship with the ex-girlfriend, that he became close with her son, and that he was upset that she didn’t want anything to do with him.

Police found Four Loko cans sitting in the center console of Hatch's car. When asked about them, Hatch said he was drinking them while he was driving. Shortly after the accident, police administered a breath test to Hatch that showed a blood alcohol level of .236.

Hatch has been charged with two counts of operating a vehicle while intoxicated and causing injury, one hit-and-run count and causing injury, two second degree counts of recklessly endangering safety and one count of firearm possession while intoxicated. If convicted, he faces more than 22 years in prison.

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