BUTLER - Four candidates for the Butler Village Board will go head-to-head to fill three seats during the spring election Tuesday, April 4.

Addressing the issue of Butler's aging infrastructure is at the forefront of the candidates' concerns as the election nears. Incumbents William Benjamin and Paul Kasdorf will be challenged for their seats by residents Mark Holdmann and Thomas Sardina.

Northwest Now spoke to the candidates about the upcoming election.

What do you think is the most important issue facing Butler, and how do you propose to solve it?

Benjamin: The water and sewer systems for the entire village need repairs. We, the village board, through the vision of Kayla Chadwick, our administrator, have instituted a plan of action for the future.

Sardina: I believe our aging infrastructure is a very important issue. I will work diligently with other board members and the village administrator.

Kasdorf: The infrastructure/capital improvements continue to be a challenge. As we move forward, we recognize the importance and have introduced a funding program that is feasible to our taxpayers.

Holdmann: The revitalization of our downtown business district. We have a number of vacant buildings and a restaurant that is for sale that's been an anchor for the downtown for a long time and right now there's a buyer; I've been in contact with the owner. We need community-friendly businesses down there, the type that would invite people to shop and spend a little time down there. I would like to reach out and target those kinds of community-friendly businesses and I'd like to work with the village board to see what kind of incentives we can offer them to drive them in.

Why are you the best candidate for the Butler Village Board? 

Benjamin: I try to understand all sides of a situation and work to find a solution satisfactory to all. I listen to, and answer questions from, the residents of the village.

Sardina: Butler has been our home for over 30 years. I love this community and want to pay it forward.

Kasdorf: As an incumbent, I continue to listen to the issues and support a fair resolution/compromise.

Holdmann: I'm running because I want to serve and give back to the community. Butler's community is a high priority and a high value of mine. I've always felt compelled to serve in the community in which I live. I work part time, so I have the time to invest and spend on the board that maybe candidates who work full-time would not.

In your opinion, what is the village of Butler's greatest strength? 

Benjamin: The people of this village are our greatest asset. They are some of the hardest-working people I’ve ever known. They take great pride in their homes and businesses.

Sardina: Butler's strength is family.

Kasdorf: Over the past few years, our financial position has improved and our village is attractive for our commercial or residential districts.

Holdmann: It's a small-town community within a large metropolitan area. It's hard to find that small-town feel these days wherever you go. When Butler has events at the park, it's amazing how many people turn out; it's really cool to see.

William Benjamin

Age:  67

Address: 12920 W. Hampton Ave.

Political history: Village trustee since 2009

Phone number: 414-418-4162

Email: wcmain.bb@gmail.com

Tom Sardina

Age: 63

Address: 12907 W. Cameron Ave.

Political History: Planning commission

Phone: 414-704-1961

Email: Sarditom@yahoo.tom

Paul Kasdorf

Age: N/A

Address: 12807 W. Eggert Place

Political history: Incumbent on Butler Village Board since 2013

Phone number: 262-783-4895

Email: pkaz2000@gmail.com

Mark Holdmann

Age: 60

Address: 13040 W. Lucille Lane

Political history: None

Phone number: 262-783-2525

Email: mkholdmann@gmail.com

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