100 years ago – 1917

On March 16, 1917, Czar Nickoles of Russia abdicated from the throne.

Lisbon resident Fred W. Wildish had made a business visit to Menomonee Falls recently.

Sam Siewert of Colgate was in the business to sell “egg settings” that spring (fertile eggs to be hatched by brooding mother hens). He was also in the business to sell fire wood. His telephone number was 1321.

50 years ago – 1967

Halquist Stone had asked the town of Lisbon to consider putting up a large advertising/directional sign off of the highway to point to the Halquist business. The business representatives felt it was needed because of the then-recent relocation of Highway 164 (away from Duplainville Road).

“Doctor Zhivago” was the big movie showing that spring.

25 years ago – 1992

The Lisbon Fire Department had 56 fire calls that past year, combined calls for rescue and other calls went to 249, a 7-percent increase.

The Hamilton High School band would be performing at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. The band had 61 members.

In the first sign-up for little league that summer in Sussex, 279 registered. There would be second sign-up in the coming weeks.

The annual Sussex appreciation party with 101 attending would have the new village logo on the commemorative cups given out.

10 years ago – 2007

Sparks flew in a Sussex candidate question-and-answer session.

The Lisbon Town Board would revisit the Lake Five Road speed limit. Some residents wanted the limit increased to 45 mph.

A then-recent joint forum spotlighted regional issues, with one clique asking if Lisbon should be dissolved. There was one option presented to divide Lisbon on an Arrowhead-Hamilton school border.

Hamilton’s basketball program had 29 freshmen of the 42 out for the sport. Four freshmen had a lot of playing time that year as starters or sixth man.

5 years ago – 2012

Sophomore Bradley Ellingsworth had 33 points for the Hamilton boy’s basketball team as a last-second basket by junior Jake Knueppel beat Arrowhead in the regional final.

Emission tests for vehicles would be moving from state-run emission sites to neighborhood mechanics.

Terry Kveen had served for 26 years with the Lannon Fire Department. The chief of the Lannon Fire Department was Patrick Curtis.

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