LISBON - Enhancements are in the works to the Lake Five Pathway on Lake Five Road, including a 220-feet expansion that would connect the pathway with the Bugline Trail.

For the last four months, Town Park Chairman Marlene Kumitsch has researched the feasibility of its expansion, but the idea had been considered long before that when a need to address a dangerous situation on Lake Five Road was recognized.

"You’ll see people coming down from the Lake Five Pathway, cutting across Lake Five Road, then going west or east on the Bugline," Kumitsch said. "It’s a horrifically dangerous spot; there’s no shoulder there. It’s something that needs to be addressed.

"If people want to go west from the Bugline, they would still have to cross Lake Five Road, but if they want to go east, they would not have to. Fortunately, it’s further down the hill towards Oakwood Road, so that gives you (motorists) another 200 feet before you see somebody crossing; it’s more open."

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Because the prospective area where the pathway would be expanded has wetlands, the Department of Natural Resources has been involved in the early planning stages since Dec. 6, as has the town's engineering firm, Jahnke & Jahnke Associates Inc., and other town personnel.

“There’s 50,000 steps that have to be done before the project goes forward," Kumitsch said. "It's going to take a while."

Despite that, Kumitsch already has two other goals for the pathway for the future: adding a solar caution sign to Lake Five Road where people frequently cross, and ultimately, paving the entire pathway.

Since the project is in an early stage, the funding source is still in the works, but Kumitsch hopes to acquire a grant to pave the path in the future.

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