LANNON - David Nagler, the village president of Lannon, lost his seat in the Tuesday, Feb. 21, primary.

Nagler finished third behind Trustee Tom Gudex, who attained 169 votes, and Trustee Jerry Newman, who received 69 votes.

Nagler received 42 votes.

"The campaign turned kind of negative, and I was a little worried about that," Gudex said. "The voters of Lannon want change. I want more open government and that's what I'm going to give them. The thing to remember is, we're still going to all work together. Everyone on the board is a citizen of Lannon; we're all still going to be friends. We all still have to work together to make the community better."

Gudex and Newman will go head-to-head for the village presidency Tuesday, April 4, during the spring election.

Earlier this month, Gudex was censured by the village board for violating open meetings law. Newman, who served as village president from 2010-12, said he hopes to prove to the people that Gudex would not make a good president because of his violation.

When reached for an interview, Newman was out picking up his campaign yard signs and had not yet heard the primary results.

"Oh my, well that's good," Newman said. "Moving forward, we'll try and show the citizens about his violating state law and some of those other things he's done. Hopefully, I can prevail."

If Gudex defeats Newman on April 4, it would be his first time in office serving as president.

Nagler did not respond to requests for a statement on the election results.

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