MENOMONEE FALLS - The School District of Menomonee Falls is set to sell its 24-acre property at Daylily and Northfield drives to private developer P.J. Burbach.

Despite the fact the district is seeking an operating referendum in April, the additional funds won't offset the referendum.

The school district will ask voters whether they want the district to temporarily lift the revenue limit by 2 percent for three years, which comes to $3 million.

During a September school board meeting, the board accepted a sale price of $950,000 for 17 lots on the Daylily property, with a reduction of $42,000 for each lot that wasn't created, but the sale price could not be lower than $866,000. According to Keith Brightman, director of business services for the district, the estimated, buildable space, accounting for the wetlands in the area, is 14.7 homes.

If the Daylily sale goes through, the use of the funds will be for the school board to decide.

While it is certain the district will not ask for less from taxpayers in April, typically with school district property sales in general, there is a set place for the funds.

"Typically with the sale of the property, it would go to the capital improvement fund, which then can be spent in the future for either facility maintenance or to acquire additional properties in the future, that kind of facility purposes," Brightman said.

The Daylily property — as well as the Thomas Jefferson, Hiawatha and Mill Road properties also owned by the district — was vacant in case future schools needed to be built to accommodate growth in the district, but according to Brightman, the Daylily property was unsuitable  because of its small size and less than ideal placement. The property on Mill Road is home to the Menomonee Falls Little League Complex.

The district has accepted an offer from Burbach, but the prospective sale is still in the contingency stage; there's a chance it could fall through.

"This process is different than buying a home," Brightman said. "It takes longer because the purchaser has to make sure all the contingencies are met. I don’t know the closing date yet, but we’re hoping it could be sometime in the spring or early summer. If it doesn’t happen by early summer, then there was some issue the developer couldn’t overcome, or something else. We think we have a solid offer.”

James Vander Heyden has been a resident of the Lily Creek neighborhood, which is right across the street from the Daylily property, since 2010.

Vander Heyden said as long as the woodlands are preserved and apartments are not built, he is fine with the area across from his home being developed.

"If it has to be sold, this is a good way to do it," Vander Heyden said.

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