Village of Menomonee Falls - Menomonee Falls High School's 2016 graduating class averaged 22.3 on the ACT, beating the state average of 20.5 and the national average of 20.8.

The district first mandated all junior students to take the ACT in 2015, so this year marks the first that nearly 100 percent of its graduating class took the test.

“Since the ACT is a test that is required by most colleges as an important component of their admissions process we are proud to now be providing this additional opportunity to all of our students,” said Corey Golla, Director of Curriculum and Learning. “This opportunity combined with the dramatic increase in participation in our Advanced Placement program is a clear indication that we are removing barriers to college for more of our students.”

According to a release, the district outperformed the state in the percentage of students regarded as college ready in every category. Students in the district were 15 percent above average in College English Composition, 21 percent in College Algebra, 14 percent in College Social Science, 10 percent in College Biology and 9 percent in College Readiness.​

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