GERMANTOWN — Barb Goeckner is still Germantown's village clerk, but why she is working away from village hall and isn't taking calls remains unknown.

This comes after the village board reviewed Goeckner's job performance last week. 

The board deliberated for more than an hour and a half on her performance as clerk in closed session during a special meeting on Thursday, July 6. The board took no action on Goeckner's performance when it reconvened in open session. 

Goeckner was then taken into a closed-door meeting to talk with Village President Dean Wolter and other village leaders. 

According to Wolter, Goeckner is still the village clerk and her duties have not changed in any way.

She also still has an office in Village Hall, Wolter said, and no further special meetings are being scheduled by the board to discuss her performance. 

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But when Now Media Group called the clerk's office in the morning on Monday, July 10, a deputy clerk said Goeckner was not in her office and she would not be in for the remainder of the week for "unknown" reasons. 

Further questions were directed to interim Village Administrator Larry Ratayczak. 

The clerk's office has been through four deputy clerks in the past year. 

The deputy clerks, in separate interviews with Now Media Group, have all expressed frustration with Goeckner.

In an interview with Now Media Group, one of the former deputy clerks said Goeckner was never in the office and "all the other departments were aware. They would ask, 'where's your boss again today?' "

"She was just a very unfair boss. She was one of those people who said 'do as I say, not as I do.' " 

Goeckner is supposed to be sworn in as president of the Wisconsin Municipal Clerks Association in August, but according to association policy, she cannot hold the position if she does not hold a position as a clerk or deputy clerk.

Goeckner did not respond to a request for an interview. 

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