GERMANTOWN — A typical day on the job turned into a major medical scare for three Germantown police officers on Thursday, June 8.

When second-shift officers responded to a retail theft that occurred in the southern end of the village, the suspect attempted to evade police on foot.

Officers arrested the man after a pursuit and took him to the police station, but soon were told by the suspect that he had tuberculosis.

The three officers had close contact with the suspect and were transported to Community Memorial Hospital for emergency medical treatment.

The officers were evaluated and released to their families, but will have to undergo a follow-up evaluation and monitoring at a later date.

This incident is a reminder of the unseen dangers police officers face on a regular basis, according to a statement on the Germantown Police Department Facebook page.

"Our thoughts go out to the officers involved in this incident, and we thank you for putting yourselves in harm's way to protect our village."

This is the third incident this year where Germantown police officers have been exposed to dangerous medical conditions from a suspect.

At the beginning of the year, officers contracted scabies from a drug abuser, according to Chief Peter Hoell, and later, a second drug abuser with a bacterial infection required the jail and squads to be quarantined and cleaned. 

Hoell said there is a connection between drug abusers and infectious diseases, like tuberculosis that put his department at risk during calls.

"The suspects are already in poor health and do not take care of themselves," Hoell said. 

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