GERMANTOWN - It was not gunshots that were heard near the Mequon and Pilgrim road intersection on April 22.

“Despite what the rumor mill had to say about it, the incident that cause widespread concern on the evening of April 22 was not gunfire,” explained Germantown Police Chief Peter Hoell. “When officers responded to the scene, they located two vehicles with exhaust that had been modified illegally.”

The vehicles were backfiring at an excessively loud volume around 8 p.m. April 22, a sound Hoell said many confused for gunfire.

The drivers, who were alone, are being cited for making the modifications to their vehicles, and Hoell said they may also face disorderly conduct citations.

“What happened on Saturday night caused widespread concern that was very hard for us to manage on the weekend,” Hoell said. “Reports of shots being fired in Germantown were all over social media, which really alarmed a lot of people.”

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