Village of Germantown - The Germantown Village Board appointed Alan Campbell to serve 20 months as the District 2 trustee at its Monday, Aug. 15, meeting.

Board member Shane Daniels, who resigned to accept a promotion in his private sector career, formerly held the position.

Former board member Daniel Wing spoke before the board at the start of the regular meeting, saying it was problematic that Campbell would be serving out the remainder of Daniels’ 20-month term without being elected by the public.

“For 20 months, we have appointed somebody that is going to represent District 2 and not one person from District 2 voted for that individual to represent them,” Wing said.  “So tonight I’m asking Al (Alan Campbell), as your first order of business, within the next couple months that you push for, draft, or support a motion to call for a special election for your constituents to take the power that was wrestled away from them by this board and give it back to your constituents, and then you can come back here with the support of actually having true residents vote for you.”

Village Administrator Dave Schornack said Campbell’s appointment by the board was standard to what has been done whenever a board position opens.

“It doesn’t make any difference whether someone from District 2 voted to have Alan Campbell in office or not,” Schornack said. “It’s simply up to the majority of the board.”

Campbell moved to the village from Menomonee Falls in 1967. He worked in the employee benefits/insurance business, but is now in retirement.

In his application for the board position, he wrote that one of the most important issues facing Germantown is the village’s proximity to the city of Milwaukee.

“We are basically a joy ride away from Metro-Milwaukee with the problems that city faces with robberies, car-jacking, drug-dealing, armed robberies, etc.,” Campbell wrote. “I believe our village faces the same problems in controlling spending while delivering timely, efficient services to its residents as do other communities. We are not immune to the realities surrounding us. I believe that continued expansion of businesses in Germantown is critical to the continued fiscal soundness and employment opportunities we are accustomed to having available.”

Campbell’s term began upon appointment on Aug. 15, and will end April 16, 2018.

After Campbell was selected as District 2 trustee, the regular scheduled board meeting commenced, and began with recognition of Shane Daniels.

Daniels filled a board vacancy in August 2012, and was the successor of District 2 Trustee Daniel Wing. He was presented with a plaque by Village Board President Dean Wolter prior to the start of the board meeting.

“When he first came on board, he was quiet, he sat back and learned the position, and then effectively served his constituents in his district,” Wolter said. “I’m sorry to see him go. I’m very sorry to see him leave the board. I think he’s really hit his stride, and was doing a great service not only to this board and the community, but to his constituents as well.”

In his parting speech, Daniels gave advice to the board members on how to best operate moving forward.

“It was with very mixed emotions that I made the decision to resign as village trustee,” Daniels said. “I have complete trust in the village board and their selection moving forward. As my parting comments to the sitting trustees, I challenge you to continue walking the conservative line, while staying open to moderate ideas.”

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