Village of Germantown - Bosco, the Germantown Police Department’s first K-9, died over the weekend of Aug. 20 at age 13. He had served in the department for six years.

“To me, Bosco is special because he was our first K-9 in Germantown, and that’s something that we will never forget,” said Police Chief Peter Hoell.

Hoell said the development of the K-9 unit was a significant goal for him when he first became the police chief.

“Right when I became chief, I worked in the drug unit for a number of years and always wanted to be a K-9 handler,” Hoell said. “That department at that time was not interested in that kind of program, so when I became chief, that was one of my first big projects was to introduce a K-9 unit to the community.”

Bosco had been in retirement for a number of years prior to his passing. He was living with former Germantown officer Jeff Schnell and his family.

The current K-9 is Rambo, who has been in the department since 2010.

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