Village of Germantown - The seven-month construction project on Rockfield Elementary School is drawing to a close just in time for the school year to start Sept. 1.

“We’re in a really good place when it comes to the new construction,” said Rockfield Elementary School Principal Dana Croatt.

All teachers have been given keys and full access to the building to get their classrooms ready for students. Much of the furniture has already arrived, with all remaining items to arrive by the third week of August.

With the construction, two classrooms have been added to the second floor of the school, and two of the rooms have been made into one large room called the Innovation Space.

“In our Innovation Space, we’ll do a variety of teaching – it might be multi-age teaching,” Croatt said. “It’ll be various, hands-on creative projects that will happen in the classroom. We’ll also be able to host professional development within our district in that room.”

The need for remodeling the school came about because the school was originally designed to accommodate only two sections for each grade, Croatt said. Due to the growth in the community, three grades of the school have three sections each.

“When that expansion was happening within enrollment, we weren’t increasing any of our school sizes,” Croatt said. “A few years ago, we had to put music in the library, so they shared a space. We also house our early childhood program here, which uses two of our classrooms.”

Croatt said throughout the 2015-16 school year, students were kept involved in the construction project through the character education program theme called “building great habits.”

“We also had the people who assessed the soil come before they started digging and creating the foundation,” Croatt said. “They came and did a presentation for our fourth-graders, and they allowed the kids to test the different soils. That was a really great presentation. That company came and made it a teachable moment as well.”

On the first day of school this year, students will get a personal walk-through of the space that they will get to call their classroom for the remainder of the school year.

“As a school, the first day we are doing an assembly, and we’ll have a little celebration there,” Croatt said. “All of the kids will be walking through the new building so that they can see it. Six of our 15 classes will be in there so we want to make sure all the kids have a chance to go see it and make it their home.”

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