Voters in the region will have the chance to weigh in on a range of important state, county and municipal elections during the spring election Tuesday, April 4. An operating referendum in Menomonee Falls and the state DPI director top the ballot in an election that features a number of seats up for grabs on local boards.

Here is a look at what is on the ballot locally:

State Superintendent of Education

Tony Evers (inc.), Lowell E. Holtz

State Supreme Court 

Annette Ziegler

Court of Appeals Judge, District 2: Brian Hagedorn

Waukesha County

Circuit Court Judge, Branch 3: Ralph Ramirez

Circuit Court Judge, Branch 4: Lloyd Carter

Circuit Court Judge, Branch 11: William Domina

Washington County

Circuit Court Judge, Branch 1: James G. Pouros

Circuit Court Judge, Branch 3: Todd K. Martens, Robert T. Olson


Menomonee Falls

Village Trustee, Seat 1: Paul Broesch Katie Kress

Village Trustee, Seat 2: Randy Van Alstyne, Christopher Smolik

Village Trustee, Seat 3: 1 David Glasgow


Village Trustee, District 1: David Baum

Village Trustee, District 2: Rick Miller

Village Trustee, District 3: Robert Warren

Village Trustee, District 4: Jeff Hughes


Town Board Chairperson: Joseph Osterman

Town Board Supervisor 2: Marc Moonen

Town Board Supervisor 4: Rebecca Plotecher


Village President: Jerry Newman, Tom Gudex

Village Trustee: Steve Reek, Ron Dutcher, Janice Manor-Schmidt, Alex Gizelbach, Patrick D. Yates


VIllage President: Patricia Tiarks

Village Trustee: Paul Kasdorf, Mark Holdmann, Thomas Sardina, William Benjamin


Menomonee Falls School Board

Voters in the Menomonee Falls School District will decide whether the district should be able to exceed its revenue limit by $1.1 million in the 2017-2018 school year, by $2.3 million in the 2018-2019 school year, and by $3 million in the 2019-2020 school year for non-recurring purposes to sustain current neighborhood elementary schools, safeguard course offerings and elective learning opportunities, and maintain class size.

Board Member: Lowell Kellogg, Ronald Bertieri, Mark A. Nadolski

Germantown School Board

Board Member, Seat 3: Lester Spies

Board Member, Seat 5: Bob Soderberg

Hamilton School Board

Board Member, village of Lannon seat: Jay Jones

Board Member, at large seat: Michael Hyland (inc.), Joseph C. Mirasola

Arrowhead Union High School District

Board Member, Merton Seat: Amy Hemmer, Joseph D. LeBlanc

Board Member, Stone Bank Seat: Tim Langer

Board Member, At Large Seat: Braden M. Pusch, Dave L. Dean

Voters in the Arrowhead Union High School District will decide whether the district should be authorized to issue general obligation bonds not to exceed $36.68 million to pay for a campus-wide improvement program.

Richmond School District:

Board Member: Craig Vento

Merton Community School District:

Board Member: Phil Spindler, Kaysie R. Kurszewski, Kristopher Pfeiffer

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