100 years ago – 1917                

There was a large shortage of home-business coal for heat.

The former Lannon school master Alarther Dietzor was running for the Clark County Superintendent position.

North Lisbon School's teacher Gladys Robertson has announced that a basket social would be held to raise funds for the purchase of an oil stove.

Lannon soldier John Caley was back in the village after his duty on the Mexican border.

50 years ago – 1967

Lisbon was going to continue to be "dry." A liquor license was being sought for the "dry Lisbon.” Sixty Lisbon residents attended a meeting to reinforce the traditional Lisbon long-standing liquor license prohibition. A "Go dry" petition was getting a lot of signatures. So far, the petition by David Dobbertin had 126 signatures.

There was opposition to the Hamilton School District's possible construction of a "middle school.” It was expected to cost $2.6 million. However, there was also a good sized group pushing for it, resulting in a tug of war.

Ken Ohrmundt, a Hamilton teacher and coach, played for the championship Menomonee Falls Badger Land O’ Lakes basketball team. He got 14 points in the championship game against Slinger.

25 years ago – 1992

WIAA had assigned Hamilton to the Parkland Conference, and out of the Braveland.

The Hamilton school population was down to 792 students. It would be one of the larger schools in the Parkland.

Lisbon home dwellers were complaining about the quarry and gravel pit dust, resulting from age-old businesses in the township. Meanwhile, another faction was complaining about "odoriferous” manure spreading by farmers.

10 years ago – 2007

Former Lisbon, Sussex and Lannon police chief John Denzin died at age 83.

A frequent local area limestone quarry find – a cephalopod, which existed approximately 350 million years ago. Three of them were used in the recent construction of the new St. James Catholic Church (by fellowship fireplace). Specimens as long as 3 feet had been frequently found in Sussex, Lisbon and Lannon quarries.

Leslie Osborne of Sussex was playing for the world-traveling U.S. women's soccer team.

5 Years ago – 2001

The Hamilton girls basketball team was tied for first place. The Chargers were a great defensive team, and in two wins that past weekend, they held opponents to an average of 15 points per game, in a 66-13 win over Brookfield East, and then beat Wauwatosa East 47-17. Mackenzie Latt for Hamilton had almost twice what Brookfield East had (13 points) as she scored 19 and then 25 against Wauwatosa East.

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