The Schroeder Implement business in Sussex had its start in 1955, as Al Schroeder merged with prominent Sussex businessman, mechanic and politician Roy Stier to form a farm machinery sales and repair enterprise, called Stier and Schroeder — known today as Sussex Auto.

This business and association only lasted about three years. It broke up around 1958, as Case Equipment of Racine took away the franchise to sell Case Equipment, which only left "New Idea" farm implements as a business relationship.

Al Schroeder separated from Stier, and rented the old Davidson, Rose, Dopke, Kneiski barn in the Templeton part of Sussex. He sold New Idea, and was a big-time farm equipment repair mechanic, and jockeyed buying and selling used equipment.

His only son, Dave, came on the scene in 1970, soon after he graduated from Hamilton High School, where he played four years of football and basketball (today he is still involved with Hamilton football as he is part of the chain gang at all home games). His children also attended Hamilton, as do his grandchildren now.

Father and son duo Al and Dave saw the significant change in Sussex-Lisbon's farming industry coming, and when the chance presented itself in 1973 for local farms to become subdivisions, the sell-off of the Don Roskopf Simplicity business on Waukesha Avenue left an opening for a deal to get a franchise for Simplicity for the Schroeder Implement. They were very successful with sales and services since that time, and 2017 marked the 62nd year of this two-generation business.

Al (Allan), born in 1917, died Nov. 10, 1986, and Dave Schroeder took over.  Al, born in Lisbon, was brought up as a farm boy, but he went on to become a prominent Sussex businessman. He joined the Sussex Lions Club, serving as president in from 1960-61. Then as a Lisbon resident in 1969, he was appointed to the supervisor position on the town board. He served 12 years, until 1981 when he chose not to run. He served under Town Chairpersons Art Manke, Mary Burg and Dick Jung.

During his years on the Lisbon board, it went from three members to seven. His town board specialty was working with the road crews, and advising equipment purchases and repairs.

Meanwhile, Al and Dave purchased the barn site from the former Mammoth Spring canning company president Kurt Kneiski. The purchased lot was one of the most intricate lots for an existing business in the Sussex area.

Back in 1963, Al had built an extension out from the barn, and then later, another extension to what it is today.

The Schroeder Implement business and its Simplicity dealership dominates the local lawn and garden mower, small tractor and snow thrower business in Sussex-Lisbon, and buyers have a local trained up-keep crew handy at the Sussex Main Street business location. The business also does custom blade sharpening and sells chainsaws and weed whips.  Another significant source of business is parts availability.

Dave Schroeder is a longtime Sussex Lion and a big part of the annual Sussex Lions Daze with the tractor pull event.

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