100 years ago – 1917      

On Jan. 31, 1917, the German government announced that henceforth there would be unrestricted submarine warfare to break the naval blockade that the English had on imports to Germany. What that meant was shipping entering British waters would be sunk upon sighting. This soon led to the U.S. declaring war April 6, 1917.

50 years ago – 1967

Green Bay Packers fullback Jim Grabowski would be the speaker at the Sports Night at Hamilton High School, sponsored by the Sussex Lions Club. Former Milwaukee Braves all-star player Eddie Mathews would also be a speaker. The money raised by this Sussex Lions promotion would go toward a new Sussex Hamilton football field scoreboard.

25 years ago – 1992

Lisbon would celebrate its 150th anniversary. The first Lisbon Town Board meeting was held April 5, 1842, in a schoolhouse on Lisbon Road (Halquist land today).

The governor of Wisconsin was Tommy Thomson.

Orville Cullen ran a shoe repair shop in downtown Sussex.

Mark's Sussex Sentry Foods was across Main Street from the Sussex Village Hall.

10 years ago – 2007

Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge Paul Reilly would name a special prosecutor to continue the investigation of Lisbon town government, according to Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel. This was in regard to police work.

Former Lannon Treasurer Harvey Rossman (served 37 plus years) died at 92. He was also an all-time great baseball pitcher for the Lannon town team.

Lorraine Schaich of Sussex, age 79, died. In her later years, she was a longtime waitress at M&M Restaurant.

5 years ago – 2012

Lisbon's board unanimously adopted an ordinance that made it illegal for Lisbon residents to plow snow onto the roadways.

New voting laws came into play, such as photo identification, voter signs and log books. The new laws meant more training for poll workers.

More area homes were being equipped with solar panels.

The lower parking lot at Lisbon's community park was being used for ice skating.

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