100 years ago – 1916

The Milwaukee Light Co. was planning to get electrical service to the Lannon area by May. This would allow companies to install electric motors to crush rock. They also hoped to sell to homeowners, especially to power lights. There was competition in Lannon for installation of an electrical service. The Lannon Electric Co. had recently received a load of power poles on the Bug Line.

50 years ago – 1966

Walter Preuss of Sussex was enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Superior, taking a course in ghost story writing. He taught upper grades English at Hamilton High School.

Pvt. Donald Schreiber of Lannon was doing his summer training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. With this training, he returned to the 961st Army Reserve engineering unit in Milwaukee.

U.S. war savings bonds were earning 4.15 percent interest.

Lannon Postmaster Keith Gissal announced a test to be given to applicants for a job at the local post office. This position paid $2.64 per hour with periodic raises.

25 years ago – 1991

The former Lisbon “16” school had an all-classes reunion, 47 years after it closed. The leader was Betty Manke Riemer. Lillian Butler, a 1900, attended at age 98. Politicians (former students) who attended the one-room school were present, including Dan Meissner, and the Manke clan, Art, Curt and Dick.

10 years ago – 2006

Questions arose as to whether a secret session of the Lisbon Town Board was to discuss the hiring of a police consultant.

Keith Gissall, the Lannon postmaster and former longest-serving fire chief, died at age 86. He was chief from 1964-85 and was a World War II veteran.

Freeloaders and TVs were plaguing the Lisbon compost site.

Hamilton ran a survey of 200 district residents, asking about an athletic fieldhouse; 46 percent were against the project, 34 percent were in favor and 20 percent were not sure how they would vote.

Sussex and Lisbon were scratched from a quarry blast lawsuit, and will not be forced to give water to the damaged housing units.

5 years ago – 2011

Lisbon considered allowing chickens on small lots in town. The chickens were being pushed by 22-year-old Hannah Heinritz.

Dan Tetzlaff, a former Lisbon farmer and a long-time Lisbon public works employee, died at age 79 on July 19. His retirement passion was making and flying model airplanes.

There was a push toward regionalization or consolidation with Waukesha County fire fighting.

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