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Republican voters discuss his early days in the White House


April 29 marks the end of the first 100 days of President Donald Trump's administration.

His supporters in the Northwest suburbs appear to be satisfied with his performance so far.

Sussex resident Rita Hahn is completely satisfied with her choice to vote for Donald Trump as president.

As a Christian woman, Hahn said she has faced public criticism in her community for wearing a cross in Sussex.

"I had my cross on and a lady at Pick ’n Save said I offended her," Hahn said. "I shouldn’t have done this, but I apologized and hid my cross in my shirt."

However, with Trump as president, Hahn said she is wearing her cross proudly.

"Trump brought God back into the White House," Hahn said. "I’m no longer afraid to wear my cross.”

Even though Sussex recently faced threats to local churches over Easter weekend, purportedly by Joseph Jakubowski, Hahn said she still attended her church service because of her renewed sense of security, which she attributes to the president.

"I thought, 'if we're going to die here in church, what better place to do it," Hahn said.

Hahn said Trump's leadership and efforts, particularly in bringing jobs back following the Obama administration, is commendable.

“We needed this; we needed Trump and his words so very much," Hahn said. "Our country was falling apart. I sit back and watch the news and see different things he’s signed and now even (Gov. Scott) Walker is starting to step up and (House Speaker Paul) Ryan; all of them. They’re all starting to actually do something for our country. I’m glad he’s bringing jobs back and getting things done. They’re saying Obama didn’t get things done because he didn’t have the guts.”

As for disappointments during this administration, Hahn had none for the president, but said those who are protesting in opposition to the president need to stop and listen.

"I’m totally surprised at the protestors," Hahn said. "If they only just stopped and listened to what he has to say and what he’s doing for our country, they would be better off. My husband and I have a ‘don’t tread on me attitude’ and we’re very strong republicans. We’re very proud of what Trump’s doing and we’re not upset about any of his decisions. He’s doing a great job.”

Sussex resident Joanne Smith said she was "pretty much satisfied" that she voted for the president; her main areas of concern, she said, are with his professionalism.

“I'm enjoying the fact that he seems to be moderating a little bit more," Smith said. "At first, he seemed to be going off on tangents frequently and that’s not something I think is presidential-like. He’s not seeming to use advisors as much as he probably should.”

While Smith said Trump could have more of a filter at times, it is extremely important to her to have faith in the commander-in-chief, no matter who is in office.

“I’m trying to keep an open mind that he’s going to do the right thing," Smith said.

Some Trump voters in Menomonee Falls said 100 days was not enough time to measure Trump's progress, but they were proud of his efforts so far.

Jeanie Martin said she was absolutely satisfied with her decision to vote for the president. Health care reform is on the forefront of her mind during this administration, and she said it needs to be carefully crafted into law.

"My big thing is the healthcare, but I also understand the complexity of it," Martin said. "There are so many ramifications and my husband always says once it goes into law, it’s very hard to get out of it.”

Neil Hankwitz also said he was absolutely satisfied that he voted for Trump.

"He had his agenda and he’s following it," Hankwitz said. "He's working at a good pace and not just dilly-dallying and saying he’s going to maybe sometime get around to it; no, the president is working hard."

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