So, this is the first week of spring, huh?

Since I have lived in Wisconsin, I have never felt any great nostalgia or poetic feeling about spring.

The main reason for that is it is basically still winter.

Just a little more than a week ago, we had more than a foot of snow dumped on us, and now we are supposed to turn a switch and start thinking about picnics, flowers, grilling and outdoor activities? Not so much.

People always say they love living here because they get to experience all four seasons. I never feel like that is the case.

It always feels like we go from coat/jacket weather right to shorts and tank tops in the span of about 15 seconds.

Growing up in a more temperate climate on the West Coast, when February came, you could actually start seeing signs of spring starting to show themselves. Here in the Midwest, February means you could still have a week straight of sub-zero temperatures and/or an epic blizzard.

Here, the nice thing about February is it is the shortest month of the year, and once it’s over, you get to March. While there is no guarantee March will be nice, there is the possibility. It has hit the high 70s in March.

The problem is that sometimes the chilly weather lasts all the way until May. I have joked that the coldest winter I ever spent was a spring in Wisconsin.

However, there are some things to look forward to, as we are in the midst of that basketball tournament that everyone seems to be talking about.

While the weather won’t be super nice for a couple more months, there is now the opportunity to go outside for exercise. It’s not below freezing for the most part; there is enough daylight to work out after work, and the snow has melted, leaving dry pavement.

I’ve spent a lot of laps staring at the same four walls of my local fitness facility while racking up mileage. It will be nice to see a tree or someone walking a dog every once in a while during my runs.

Of course, Major League Baseball returns in a couple of weeks, and the leaders of this region had enough foresight to put a roof over Miller Park, which has eliminated the need for 17 parkas while watching an early-season Brewers game.

Speaking of extra daylight, I feel like I might have lifehacked my way around the dread of running in the morning, especially the first week of daylight saving time.

I have been getting up at 5 a.m. all winter to get my running in, and I was concerned that I would oversleep that wake-up call after the time change.

So I just forced myself to forego my naps that weekend, so I would be really tired in the evening and able to turn in early enough to make my early-morning wakeup happen.

It worked like a charm.

I feel like my body clock was never really affected, like it has been in past years.

While spring might not have the same appeal to me as it does to others, it does signal we are getting closer to summer, which is something I can get on board with.

Just in case, I have pulled my shorts out of the closet so they are ready on a moment’s notice.

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