Wisconsin school buses began utilizing an eight-light warning system Aug. 16 due to a Wisconsin law passed earlier this year.

Most states passed the eight-light system law during the 1970s and 1980s, but Wisconsin was the last state to adopt the law.

The new system uses amber warning lights that will flash before the red lights as a ‘warning’ that the bus is preparing to stop. The red warning lights around the bus serve as a warning that drivers should stop, like a traffic light.

In accordance with state law, drivers must stop no closer than 20 feet from the bus, and it is against the law to not stop for school buses.

In addition to this new safety feature on buses, Menomonee Falls' Riverside Elementary School has already implemented a system to help ensure children riding the school bus have a safer environment, said Menomonee Falls resident Vicki Bell.

"The fifth-graders have the opportunity to be bus ambassadors," Bell said. "Basically, they make sure the kids are still following the Riverside Way (be respectful, safe). This is based off the student surveys a few years ago when kids didn't feel as safe on the bus. Now that they have implemented that program, the kids feel safer on the bus."

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