Carlene Ann Johnston said what made life worth living was family and friends. Her children, husband and a couple friends all had the pleasure to spend time with Carlene the evening of November 16, lying next to her and telling her things, even though she was beyond being able to speak, a tear was shed. Carlene moved on to her new life at 2:10 AM on November 17. One of her friends was on the bed with her, and said goodbye as she let out her last breath.

Carlene was born on December 20, 1968 in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Her fondest memory of her first years in Massachusetts was being with her "Nana," Alice May Curren. Carlene attended elementary and high school in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, where her family had relocated for work. She was active in school with pom poms and the track team. Carlene attended college at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, majoring in social work. Soon after college one of Carlene's memorable experiences was traveling as the magician's assistant for Rick Wilcox throughout the upper Midwest. She loved this and recalled sneaking the animals for the magic show into an upscale hotel in Chicago so they could stay warm. At her last breath she still hadn't told any of the magic secrets to her husband because as she often said, "I took an oath and promised that I would never tell."

Carlene relocated to Minneapolis in the early 1990s, working in social work and doing a memorable stint at International Design Center selling Scandinavian furniture. This is when she first met her husband-to-be, Dan Johnston. During the following few years Carlene and Dan would bump into each other in the most random spots and then in the Summer of 2000 at the Loring Block Party in Minneapolis it became official, they were dating, and soon wed on January 20, 2001 in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Carlene became a mother of three children whom she loved early. She continued her career in social work advocating for the elderly, and for the past 8 years her family made Waconia, Minnesota their home.

Carlene is survived by her husban Dan (of Baxter, Iowa), Children Raina (15), Neva (14) and Aidan (10, parents William and Nancy Curren, sister and brother-in-law Kathleen and Chad Selje, their children James, Kacy and Claire, brother John, her relatives on both sides of the family and many, many, many friends. She loves all of you SO much and WILL see you again.

The funeral took place in Waconia, Minnesota. on 11-26-16.  Burial followed immediately after the service in Victoria, Minnesota.

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